Door Clamp

Door Clamp

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Door Clamp

Door Clamp

You can take your cradle under your arm pretty much wherever you go, as long as there is a door frame. The frame fitting makes it easy to set up your baby hammock with cradle bouncer in a door frame - both at home and when you are visiting friends and family. Quick and easy to mount - protected against metal splinters.

Weight: 295 g Height: 28 cm

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The door clamp is a lifesaver for parents who have become happy with the help the baby hammock provides for their baby’s sleep. The door clamp is easy to install and take with you when you go to visit friends and family.

You can easily take your baby hammock with you anywhere where there is a door clamp. The door clamp is easy to install and take down after use.

The door clamp is approved for up to 15 kg. It can be used for doorframes with a width of up to 25 cm.

ATTENTION! There must be a wide space (minimum of 2.25 meters from the floor to the top edge of the frame fitting).