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Baby Hammock

Give your baby a safe and comfortable feeling with our popular baby hammock.

✓ 100% organic cotton (GOTS)
✓ Best reviewed on Trustpilot

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Boost your energy with a Baby Hammock

If you are looking for the best baby hammock and cradle bouncer to bring calm to your everyday life, you have come to the right place. Look around our universe of sleep-inducing products providing parents with more energy in their daily lives. Our Cozy Cradle equipped with a silent motor ensures your baby settles down, as the movements resemble the time spent in the mother's womb. Your baby is surrounded by soft organic materials, evoking associations with the secure and gentle feeling of being in the arms of mom and dad.

Our Cradle Bouncer gives you hands-free operation

It can be overwhelming for new parents not knowing how to find time for daily tasks with a baby in their arms. If the baby is also having difficulties sleeping, those well-deserved breaks parents occasionally need can be few and rare.

The Baby Hammock, Premium takes care of your baby while giving you the freedom to do the laundry, prepare meals, or simply sit down on the couch and take a short break. Maybe you have other children whom you want to give a little extra attention while the baby sleeps.

The Baby Hammock, Premium can be used from newborn to children up to 15 kg. Do you find this product interesting? As a customer, you get a 30-day sleep guarantee, giving you plenty of time to try out the product.

Baby Hammock with Cradle Bouncer

We aim to utilise the technology and its many possibilities, and that's why we've created the cradle bouncer which already helped a lot of families. With our popular baby hammock, your cradle bouncer can rock the child on its own, giving you hands-free time for other tasks.

Our Baby Hammock is Organic

To meet every parent's desire to always want the best for their child, we have selected the finest materials for the baby hammock. Therefore, the baby hammock is made of 100% soft organic cotton, providing a gentle feel against the baby's delicate skin. Additionally, it comes with a temperature-regulating mattress made of 100% pure wool, an elegant crossbar in light wood, and as the only baby hammock on the market, it includes a canopy (mosquito net/shade).

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Hammocks

If your baby is under supervision, there are no restrictions on how long he/she may lie in the baby hammock. We recommend following your intuition and, if necessary, consulting with your health visitor. All aids should be used in moderation and to the extent that makes sense.

If the baby is under supervision, he/she can sleep in the baby hammock. There is currently no research or official recommendations regarding the use of a baby hammock, but we suggest alternating between a regular crib and the baby hammock whenever possible.

The baby is placed on the included temperature-regulating mattress of pure wool. Remember your baby should be placed with the head higher than the feet when viewed from the side. Always ensure the chin is not pressed against the chest and open airways are secured.

It is not recommended to let the baby sleep in the baby hammock at night while both parents are sleeping because the surface is not flat, making it more difficult for the baby to turn the head in case of spitting up.