Boost your energy with a Baby Hammock

If you are looking for the best baby hammock and cradle bouncer to bring calm to your everyday life, you have come to the right place. Look around our universe of sleep-inducing products providing parents with more energy in their daily lives. Our Cozy Cradle equipped with a silent motor ensures your baby settles down, as the movements resemble the time spent in the mother's womb. Your baby is surrounded by soft organic materials, evoking associations with the secure and gentle feeling of being in the arms of mom and dad.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Hammocks

How long can baby lie in a baby hammock?

If your baby is under supervision, there are no restrictions on how long he/she may lie in the baby hammock. We recommend following your intuition and, if necessary, consulting with your health visitor. All aids should be used in moderation and to the extent that makes sense.

How long can baby sleep in a baby hammock?

If the baby is under supervision, he/she can sleep in the baby hammock. There is currently no research or official recommendations regarding the use of a baby hammock, but we suggest alternating between a regular crib and the baby hammock whenever possible.

How should a baby lie in the baby hammock?

The baby is placed on the included temperature-regulating mattress of pure wool. Remember your baby should be placed with the head higher than the feet when viewed from the side. Always ensure the chin is not pressed against the chest and open airways are secured.

Can a baby sleep in a baby hammock at night?

It is not recommended to let the baby sleep in the baby hammock at night while both parents are sleeping because the surface is not flat, making it more difficult for the baby to turn the head in case of spitting up.