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Our blog about better sleep is a collaboration with professionals and parents who all have professional and personal stories and experiences with sleep. We hope that you can find inspiration and benefit from the posts.

Sleep Stories

Tigerspring - 5 uger
Mental Leap, 5 weeks

If you noticed your baby is crying more than usual, has changed his/her eating habits, or is sleeping more restlessly, it may indicate the first mental leap is underway (begins around 5 weeks).

Søvnhjul til dit barn på 12-18 måneder
Sleep schedule: 12-18 months

Children between 12-18 months undergo rapid development. This often means it's time to adjust the sleep schedule once again – please find our suggestions here.

Søvnhjul for en 9-10 måneders baby
Sleep schedule: 9-10 months

When your baby is 9-10 months old, it's often a good time to adjust the sleep schedule. Here's our suggestion.

Din babys søvnhjul når alderen er 6-7 måneder
Baby sleep schedule: 6-7 months

Now your baby is 6-7 months old, and she/he develops quickly.

At this age, it's typically a good time to revisit their sleep schedule.

Søvnhjul til din baby på 3-4 måneder
Baby sleep schedule: 3-4 months

Your baby is now 3-4 months old, and you would like to learn how to design your baby’s sleep schedule.

Here’s a deep dive into your baby’s development and an example of a sleep schedule matching your baby’s age.

Søvnhjul - Hvad er det og hvordan kommer jeg i gang?
Sleep schedule – explanation and how to get started

When your baby is having difficulties sleeping, sleeps poorly every day or wakes up too early in the morning there are different approaches to improve this. Following a sleep schedule is one way trying to change the poor sleeping habits and hopefully making a difference.

Hvor meget bør min baby sove?
How much should my baby sleep?

Learn more about your baby and his/she sleep needs. Find out how much a baby generally sleeps, get answers to FAQs about baby sleep and see our reader-friendly chart covering average sleep needs for newborn babies to 1 year old children.

Hospitalstasken: Den overskuelige pakkeliste til fødslen
The hospital bag: The manageable packing list for labour and birth

Choosing what to pack in your hospital bag can be incredibly hard. Maybe you're a first-time mum and see packing lists that seem endless and unmanageable. We know that feeling all too well!

That's why we've created a guide for you with the most essential items for your hospital bag.

10 ting du skal pakke til baby til ferien
10 things to pack for baby on holiday

Ahh, it's summer and the summer holidays are just around the corner. You can almost feel that the holiday you've been waiting for is nearly here. This holiday is different though, because not only do you have to pack your own suitcase, this time you also have an extra piece of luggage, as you'll be taking your little baby on holiday with you.

Sundhedsplejersken: Sådan får du en god start med slyngevuggen
The health nurse: How to get off to a good start with the baby hammock
Most babies like to be rocked and find peace in the rocking motion that reminds them of the movements inside their mum's tummy. Newborns in particular find it easy to fall asleep in a baby hammock, where they find peace in being enveloped by the soft fabric of the baby hammock, which reminds them of the time inside their mum's tummy. 
SleepStory - Mor til en ulykkelig baby
SleepStory - Mum to an unhappy baby
"The thought of being out in the world with an unhappy baby is very uncomfortable. What do people think? Do they judge us because we can't comfort our own baby? Are we upsetting everyone around us with her crying?"
[Guide] Sådan laver du et godt putteritual for din baby
[Guide] How to create a good cuddling ritual for your baby
What is a cuddling ritual? How do you create a good cuddling ritual for your baby?...
Silent refluks - Hvad er det og hvordan behandles det?
Silent reflux - What is it and how is it treated?
Silent reflux can be difficult to spot. This blog post explains why and what the symptoms are. It also focuses on what treatments are available if you have a child with silent reflux. Finally, it focuses on what you can do yourself.
Overvejer du at købe en brugt slyngevugge?
Are you looking to purchase a pre-owned baby hammock?

It's no secret that buying baby gear can be expensive, which is why buying second-hand can be a great option. However, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase to ensure your baby's safety and comfort.

To help you make an informed decision, we have put together a list of helpful list suggestions on what to consider before purchasing a previously owned baby hammock.

Tigerspring – Følg dit barns udvikling
Mental Leaps - Follow your baby's development
As a new parent, it can be difficult to cope when you can't comfort your baby and your baby is sad. At times the crying may be more intense than you are used to, and in many ways, it can be difficult to recognise your baby's moods in general. The reason for the changes in your baby's mood may be the mental developmental leaps that all babies go through.
Tre tips til mere lagengymnastik som nybagte forældre
Three steps to more postpartum pleasure
After giving birth and landing in your postpartum body, pleasure and sensuality might be the last thing on your mind! However, getting out of your head and into your sensual body is one of the main things that can actually create more joy and energy for yourself, your relationship and your new life with a your baby.
Sådan hjælper du en overtræt baby
Signs of an Overtired Baby and How to Help Them Sleep
Nothing is more common yet equally heart-breaking and frustrating as an overtired baby. Every parent will experience it; however, there are some children who sleep much worse than others and with whom parents will experience the frustrations more frequently. Over time, this lack of sleep can become a real problem.

Sleep as a new parent

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