Get answers to all your questions about mounting and using the cradle bouncer

Cradle bouncer FAQ

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What is included when I buy a cradle bouncer?

When you buy a cradle bouncer from Membantu, you receive:

  • One cradle bouncer
  • One cotton bag for the cradle bouncer
  • One carabiner
  • One power supply

The hammock's own spring is used together with the motor.

Remember to buy an additional Newborn spring if your baby weighs less than 6 kg.

Which baby hammocks fits the cradle bouncer?

We recommend that the cradle bouncer is used together with our baby hammock as these have been tested together.

The spring is very important for the movements of the cradle bouncer, which is why it can behave differently depending on which baby hammock/spring is used.

The cradle bouncer can also be used for Natures Sway and Nonomo - but be aware that the spring from Nonomo is best for slightly heavier babies.

How long can my child use the cradle bouncer?

The cradle bouncer can be used up to 15 kg.

Also pay attention to the safety measures regarding the use of the baby hammock.

How long can my baby stay in the hammock while the cradle bouncer is running?

There are still no official recommendations or research in the area regarding the use of baby hammock and cradle bouncer.

We therefore recommend that you consult with your healthcare provider.

How does your cradle bouncer work?

The cradle bouncer automatically moves your baby hammock up and down. It ensures that your baby hammock rocks at a fixed rhythm and that your child does not wake up as soon as the rhythm is broken or the baby hammock stands still.

The cradle bouncer rocks your baby hammock in an up and down motion that imitates the time from the mother's womb and therefore has a calming effect on your child.

Is it difficult to set up the cradle bouncer?

No, it's easy to set up the cradle bouncer if you just follow the assembly instructions in the manual.

If you still have challenges, we are always available and provide the help you need.

Can the cradle bouncer be used with a homemade baby hammock?

The cradle bouncer fits most swing cradles and baby hammocks, so it probably fits your homemade one too. However, we recommend that the cradle bouncer is used together with our baby hammock, as it meets the applicable requirements in the area.

How should the cradle bouncer be mounted?

We recommend installing a hook in the ceiling that can hold up to +100 kg.

It is also possible to hang the cradle bouncer in a door clamp or in a stand intended for the purpose.

Should I supervise my baby when the cradle bouncer is in use?

Yes. You should always be nearby when your baby is in the cradle and the cradle bouncer is running.

Can the cradle bouncer be used for newborns?

The cradle bouncer can easily be used for newborns if our Newborn spring is used.

It is suitable for babies between 2-6 kg. After this, we recommend that the cradle's own spring be used.

Can I cancel my purchase?

You can cancel your purchase within 30 days.

The cancellation period expires 30 days after the day you received your item.

You must notify us within 30 days of receiving the item that you wish to cancel your purchase. The notification must be given to

In your message, you must make us clearly aware that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal.

You cannot undo it by simply refusing to receive the item without clearly notifying us of this at the same time.

FAQ about baby hammocks

Get answers to all your questions about mounting and using baby hammocks

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What comes with your baby hammock?

When you buy a baby hammock at Membantu, you receive:

  • Baby hammock in 100% organic cotton
  • Carabiner fixed in the cradle
  • Light wood crossbar
  • Spring incl. safety strap and cotton bag
  • Carrying bag in 100% organic cotton
  • Mattress in 100% pure wool with organic cotton cover

Is the baby hammcock secured against metal splinters?

Yes, our baby hammock comes with a rubber insulation on its suspension. The spring bag is extra long so that it can be easily mounted so that it covers both the spring and the supplied carabiners.

How to set up the baby hammock?

You can mount your baby hammock in a ceiling hook, door clamp or a stand.

Mount the desired suspension.

You then mount the spring in the suspension with a carabiner.

The baby hammock is mounted at the other end of the spring by using the carabiner.

The crossbar and the mattress are fitted at the end.

The distance from the bottom of the cradle and the floor should be 10 cm when the spring is fully extended.

Can a baby hammock be used for a newborn?

Yes. The movement reminds the baby of the time in the mother's womb. It calms the baby.

Make sure that the head is higher than the feet - and that there are free airways. Place a folded towel under the mattress from the shoulder area down.

We also recommend that you get our special baby hammock spring for newborns.

Can my baby sleep in a baby hammock at night?

There are various recommendations in the area of ​​baby hammocks and hanging cradles, but no research yet that speaks either for or against.

We therefore recommend following national general guidelines for sleep.

Make sure that your baby does not get too hot in the baby hammock and that there are free airways.

Is rocking your baby a bad habit?

Rocking your baby is a method of helping the small child's nervous system to calm down, which even supports their further development. Therefore, there are many babies who, in their first lifetime, find it easier to fall asleep when they are rocked. The need to be rocked usually subsides within the first year.

Get advice about sleep from health nurses, occupational therapists and breastfeeding advisors.

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