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Get good advice about sleep

Baby sleep schedule: 6-7 months

Now your baby is 6-7 months old, and she/he develops quickly.

At this age, it's typically a good time to revisit their sleep schedule.

Baby sleep schedule: 3-4 months

Your baby is now 3-4 months old, and you would like to learn how to design your baby’s sleep schedule.

Here’s a deep dive into your baby’s development and an example of a sleep schedule matching your baby’s age.

Sleep schedule – explanation and how to get started

When your baby is having difficulties sleeping, sleeps poorly every day or wakes up too early in the morning there are different approaches to improve this. Following a sleep schedule is one way trying to change the poor sleeping habits and hopefully making a difference.

How much should my baby sleep?

Learn more about your baby and his/she sleep needs. Find out how much a baby generally sleeps, get answers to FAQs about baby sleep and see our reader-friendly chart covering average sleep needs for newborn babies to 1 year old children.