Echo - White Noise Speaker

Echo - White Noise Speaker

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Echo - White Noise Speaker

Echo - White Noise Speaker

Innovative speaker that creates a peaceful sleeping environment and masks disruptive sounds. A wide range of white noise sounds and Bluetooth functionality ensure a long-lasting product. Adjustable volume and automatic shut-off timer.

  • 👶 10 soothing white noise sounds: Creates an optimal sound environment for all ages. Works without the need for a mobile phone.
  • 🎵 Bluetooth functionality: The speaker can also be used for bedtime stories or your child’s favourite music.
  • 🌧️ Compact and water-resistant design: Use it at home and/or on the go, e.g., for comfort in the stroller or while on vacation.
  • ⌛ Timer function with automatic shut-off: Option for continuous playback or auto shut-off after 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
  • 🔋 Battery life: up to 10 hours. Quick charging via USB, and long battery life ensure uninterrupted sleep routines.
  • 🌍 The sustainable choice: Made from biodegradable wheat straw fibres (a natural byproduct of wheat production) or recycled wood.
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What is White Noise?

White noise is a constant, uniform sound consisting of all audible frequencies from 20 Hz (the lowest audible tone) to 20,000 Hz (the highest audible tone) with equal intensity. Example: rain or static noise from e.g. a vacuum cleaner. This type of sound can help mask other noises and create a more stable background noise - soothing and helpful during sleep or focus periods. Membantu Echo comes with 10 pre-set white noise sounds.

Why does white noise help babies fall asleep?

White noise is an effective sleep aid because it creates a constant sound that masks other noises, helping to drown out disturbances and create a soothing atmosphere. This constant background noise can help babies, children, and adults relax and therefore fall asleep more easily. Additionally, white noise can help stabilize sleep patterns by minimizing disruptions from the environment during naps.

Built in Bluetooth – it’s more than just a regular white noise speaker!

The Membantu Echo white noise speaker with built-in Bluetooth offers flexibility and convenience. Does your child have a favourite sound that always works? Or did you sing the same song repeatedly when you were pregnant? The Bluetooth connectivity enables you to wirelessly stream music, audiobooks, or other white noise beyond the 10 pre-set sounds from your smartphone or tablet. You can also use Echo as a regular speaker in the car, bedroom, or kitchen. One device - multiple possibilities.

Tips for introducing white noise to your baby.

Introducing white noise should be done gradually and gently. Start by introducing white noise during the day when the baby is not sleeping. This helps your baby one get accustomed to the sound without disturbing his/her sleep. Then, gradually increase the volume over time. Watch for signs of soothing or irritation. White noise can then be introduced during the baby's naps and nighttime sleep. Be aware that not all babies react the same to white noise, so it's important to be responsive to their needs and preferences.



Our innovative Echo White Noise speaker creates a peaceful sleeping environment and reduces disruptive sounds. With a wide range of white noise sounds and Bluetooth functionality, it offers long-lasting use. Adjustable volume and automatic shut-off timer for added convenience.

Available with 10 soothing white noise sounds, creating the ideal sound environment for any age, without the need for a mobile phone. With Bluetooth functionality, the speaker can also be used for bedtime stories or children's music.

Its compact, water-resistant design makes it ideal for home use and/or on the go, e.g. in the stroller or while on vacation. With timer function and auto-off, it can be customized to your preferences, and up to 10 hours of battery life ensures uninterrupted sleep routines. Made from sustainable materials like wheat straw fibres or recycled wood, it's the environmentally friendly choice.



  • 10 soothing white noise sounds
  • Bluetooth functionality (5.3)
  • Timer function
  • Battery life: up to 10 hours
  • Water-resistant
  • Sounds: Heartbeat 1, Heartbeat 2, Shh, Train, Plane, Hairdryer, Rain, Waves, Water, Bird sounds

Design and placing

  • Sustainable design in biodegradable and recycled wood/wheat
  • Compact and lightweight

Capacity and consumption

  • Dimensions: L: 9,5 x W: 9,5 x D: 4,9 cm
  • Weight: 160 g
  • Battery life: up to 10 hours
  • Output power: 3W Wood
  • Colours: Wood