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Cradle bouncer for sling cradles and baby hammocks

Our cradle bouncer for sling cradles and baby hammocks, which ensures that the hammock automatically moves up and down and creates the rocking movement, which helps to calm your baby. At the same time, the cradle bouncer gives you as parents the opportunity to have your hands free while your baby sleeps.

Membantu were the first to introduce a swing cradle motor to the Danish market and it has already been tested by more than 4,000 well-rested and satisfied babies... and their parents.

Our cradle bouncer helps keep a hanging cradle moving. The cradle motor automatically rocks the cradle.

Membantu's motor for swing cradle fits most different hanging cradles and swing cradles, e.g. for our own premium baby hammock.

The motor is one of the quietest on the market. It can be regulated in five different speeds and can be timed to run in 1 and 2 hours as well as for an unlimited time.

Our cradle motor is tested in Denmark and complies with the CE marking.

Happy parents and their well-rested children mean a lot to us!

Gave me freedom to be with older sister of 2.5 years. Before the sling, there was a lot of saying "just a moment and I'll be there" and sometimes that moment could be 3 hours if little brother couldn't find peace. For the most part, 2 minutes pass and he sleeps.

Katrine Bækgaard

Works like a dream. My daughter was not able to sleep during the day anywhere, not in our arms, baby nest, her bed, or anything else. Just as soon as we got the motor from Membantu, she fell asleep immediately. Life saver!

Kasper Langmann

Very satisfied - both with the cradle bouncer and with customer service. We have a restless child who only wants to rest and sleep in constant motion. This results in a tired baby, a tired mother and tired arms. The cradle bouncer gave him long, long needed naps for the first time


Oh life would be hard without a baby hammock with a cradle bouncer! Our son takes three hour naps in a bouncy baby hammock and loves it! We have used it every day from when he was 2 months to now 9 months



When you buy a cradle bouncer from Membantu, you receive:

1 motor

1 cotton bag

1 carabiner

1 power supply

The cradle's own spring is used together with the motor.

Remember to buy an additional Newborn spring if your child weighs less than 6 kg.

We recommend that the cradle motor is used together with our Cozy Cradle, as these have been tested together.

The spring is very important for the movements of the motor, which is why its 'cradle' can behave differently depending on which sling cradle/spring is used.

The cradle motor can also be used for Natures Sway and Nonomo - but be aware that the spring from Nonomo is best for slightly heavier babies.

The cradle motor can be used up to 15 kg.

Also pay attention to the safety measures regarding the use of the sling cradle in question.

There are still no official recommendations or research in the area regarding the use of sling cradles and cradle motors.

We therefore recommend that you consult with your healthcare provider and also follow the National Board of Health's advice on how babies should sleep.

The cradle motor automatically rocks your baby hammock. It ensures that your sling cradle rocks at a fixed pace and that your child does not wake up as soon as the rhythm is broken or the cradle stands still.

The cradle motor rocks your sling cradle in an up and down motion that imitates the time from the mother's belly and therefore has a calming effect on your child.

No, it's easy to set up the cradle motor if you just follow the assembly instructions in the manual.

If you still have challenges, we are always available and provide the help you need.

The cradle bouncer fits most swing cradles and baby hammocks, so it probably fits your homemade one too. However, we recommend that the cradle motor is used together with our sling cradle , as it meets the applicable requirements in the area.

We recommend installing a hook in the ceiling that can hold up to +100 kg.

It is also possible to hang the cradle bouncer in a door clamp or in a stand intended for the purpose.

Yes – you should always be nearby when your baby is in the cradle and the motor is running.

Our Membantu cradle motor for sling cradles costs from DKK 1,499.

The cradle bouncer can easily be used for newborns if our Newborn spring is used.

It is suitable for babies between 2-6 kg. After this, we recommend that the cradle's own spring be used.

You can cancel your purchase within 30 days.

The cancellation period expires 30 days after the day you received your item.

You must notify us within 14 days of receiving the item that you wish to cancel your purchase. The notification must be given to

In your message, you must make us clearly aware that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal.

You cannot undo it by simply refusing to receive the item without clearly notifying us of this at the same time.