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Our blog about better sleep is a collaboration with professionals and parents who all have professional and personal stories and experiences with sleep. We hope that you can find inspiration and benefit from the posts.

Sleep Stories

Kolik – bliv klogere på din baby
Colic - learn more about your baby
It is not believed that babies with colic have pain - neither from the neck, shoulders, back or elsewhere. It should also be ruled out that the baby does not suffer from hypersensitivity to milk protein or suffers from other allergy problems. So far, medical science is of the opinion that this is a healthy and fit child, where you cannot find a physical or psychological explanation for the child crying - but it does cry! Then you can talk about colic.
Søvn som nybagt mor
Sleep as a new parent
Sleep is a basic human need. It is an important factor in our health, just as it also plays a big role in the milk production of the nursing mother and in the general well-being of the new mother. But if you are a mother, you probably know about interrupted night sleep, long, sleepless nights and the fear of what the night will bring.
Lidt om brugen af slyngevugge og hvorfor det måske er en god løsning for jer.
The use of baby hammocks and why it might be a good solution for you.
Perhaps there are some of you who have heard statements such as, "So we didn't need that when our children were babies" or "it requires a lot of equipment to have children these days". Blog post by @babybehandleren
Julens glæder uden søvnbesvær
The Joy of Christmas without sleep difficulties
Christmas is a fantastic time of year, where we cherish the holiday traditions and spend...
Magisk puttetrick  – af Søvnplejersken, Sine Ditlev Bihlet
Magic cuddling trick - by Sleep Nurse, Sine Ditlev Bihlet
Do you find that your child always wakes up after 20-30-45 minutes? So read along...
Guide til din babys tænder
Guide to your baby's teeth
It's a big deal when a baby gets its first teeth, but teething often causes...
Fladt eller skævt baghoved
Flat or crooked back of head
The primary cause of a crooked or flat back of the head is restricted or reduced movement around the neck. There can be various reasons for this.

It is recommended that children sleep lying on their backs on a firm surface.
Er det en dårlig vane at vugge sin baby?
Is rocking your baby a bad habit?
By Camilla Ejsing, Child Occupational Therapist with +5 years of experience in young children's sensorimotor...
Følg din mavefornemmelse
Follow your gut

The midwife's personal story with her baby who had difficulty sleeping. There is a lot of good, well-intentioned advice about the sleeping patterns of infants and young children. As new parents, regardless of whether you are a first-time or multiple-time parent, it can be a bit of a jungle to sort through all the good advice and in the end it is mostly about getting to know your own child and following your gut feeling.

Hvor længe kan man bruge slyngevuggen?
How long can you use the baby hammock?
The baby hammock can be used as long as you feel that your child needs to be rocked to fall asleep. Today there are also motors that can handle up to 15 kilos, and also cradles that have a good length. It is very different from child to child, how long they need to settle into sleep with the help of movement. Some children fall asleep quickly in bed, already as babies, other children reach over 1-2 years of age before they are really ready to let go of the movement.
Tips til gode sovevaner – af søvnplejersken, Sine Ditlev Bihlet.
Tips for good sleeping habits - Written by Sleep Nurse, Sine Ditlev Bihlet.

Get good advice for your child's sleep from Sleep Nurse, Sine Ditlev Bihlet. Sleep is an essential physiological process with importance for your child's mental and physical health. Good sleeping habits and sleep quality early in the child's life are significant in relation to the child's development and well-being. Children who are supported early in life in a good sleeping rhythm have a significantly greater probability of good sleeping habits for the rest of their lives.

Sleep as a new parent

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