Safety and use

At Membantu, we attach great importance to safety, which is why our cradle bouncer has undergone a thorough safety test at a Danish test center. The cradle bouncer fully meets the CE marking

Safety and use

The safety is naturally extremely important when it comes to the products we use for our children, and therefore we naturally do not compromise on the quality and safety of our products.

All our products are developed in Denmark in collaboration with experts. For example, our springs are the only ones on the market that are Danish-produced to ensure quality.

It is of course extremely important to follow the instructions provided in the accompanying manual when using the products.

Safety information about our products

✓ Danish designed and developed products

✓ Safety tested by leading test centers in Denmark and by TUV

✓ Tested against EN-1130:2019

✓ Our textiles are organic and GOTS-certified

✓ Our products are protected against potential metal splinters

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