Guide to buying a baby hammock

A baby hammock is a fantastic option for new parents that want to have rested babies whilst having time for smiles, playtime and cuddles (and jobs around the house such as cleaning and cooking). If you are unsure where to start when investing in a baby hammock, then relax. We can provide you with all the information you need with our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Should you buy a cradle bouncer for your baby hammock?

Whether you want to use the baby hammock with or without a motor is entirely up to you. Some babies have less of a need for motion than others but still want to lie in the safe den of a baby hammock.

A baby hammock with a motor gently rocks the baby for you, leaving your hands free to do other things.

If you have a baby who doesn't need to be rocked much, you can easily do so without the motor.

If your baby likes the familiar feeling of being rocked to sleep, then a motor is a great investment.

The baby hammock works equally fine with or without the motor.

Which suspension should be used?

There are several different ways to mount your baby hammock.

  • Ceiling suspension

    You get a fixed place where the cradle can hang, and you can easily have several hooks around the home

    The suspension is simple and space-saving – requiring little more than the small hook in the ceiling when not suspended

    The hook is suitable for most ceilings, but be sure to use the right raw plugs if you want to use the hook in plaster or concrete ceilings. Before installing, we always recommend that you seek guidance from a professional.

  • Door clamp

    Practical alternative to the ceiling suspension

    You get the freedom to move the baby hammock around

    Perfect for small homes, as the cradle can be easily packed away after use

    Easy to take with you to see friends or family, so your baby can also have a safe sleep when you are out


Simple design that fits most homes

Move around on the stand, regardless of where you are in the home

Bring along to visit family and friends without having to worry about doorframes, hooks in the ceiling or tools.

Do you need a mattress stiffener?

A mattress stiffener makes the baby hammock look a little more like a bed.

Gives your baby the opportunity to lie stretched out and provides room for more movement in general, which can also help prevent a dropped or crooked back of the head.

Can be used from when your baby is approximately three months old or when they can hold their head up by themselves.

Can be introduced earlier if the baby suffers from reflux or gurgles a lot. But in that case, supervision is necessary as the baby may roll around on its stomach and have difficulty lifting its face from the mattress.

Twins or siblings?

If you have twins, we recommend using our twin hammock.

Choose two separate baby hammocks for twins or siblings, or choose our twin baby hammock, allowing two babies to lie together via the same suspension.

Save space at the start and give the children a sense of security and presence when they sleep close.

Separate the baby hammock and turn it into two separate baby hammocks with our conversion kit.

Remember to leave a good distance between the ceiling hooks so there is room for two cradles.

Can be used until the children weigh a combined 15 kg.