30 day sleep guarantee

All babies are completely unique. Many babies love their baby hammock from the start, and other babies need to get used to the new surroundings – for some it doesn't work at all. That is why we offer the opportunity to try the products for 30 days, so that you can have time to feel whether the baby hammock is a good help in your home.

That is how it works

The baby hammock and the associated products, cradle bouncer, stand, spring, can be tested for 30 days, from the day you receive the products. If you and your baby become happy with the baby hammock / motor, you just keep the products. If you wish to return the products, you send them back in the same condition and packaging as you received them in.Do not wash the products before returning.

Once we have received the products, we will refund the full amount. We simply deduct the shipping costs on delivery and the return shipping can be purchased here.

Accessories purchased separately are not covered by the sleep guarantee.

Guide to a good start

✓ Introduce the baby hammock to your baby when he/she is full and tired.

✓ Hold a hand on your baby and sing if a little song so your baby knows you're there.

✓ Carefully rock the baby hammock up and down by hand.

✓ If your baby becomes restless and upset, pick your baby up again, comfort your baby and try again later or the next day.