Baby hammock, Basic with LeeLo cradle bouncer

Baby hammock, Basic with LeeLo cradle bouncer

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Baby hammock, Basic with LeeLo cradle bouncer

Baby hammock, Basic with LeeLo cradle bouncer

Why should you choose Membantu?  

 Best rated on Trustpilot
 Quiet LeeLo cradle bouncer
 100% organic cotton
 100% wool mattress (temperature-regulating)
 Tote bag included
 Quality spring with safety strap for maximum safety
 Pocket for pacifier

The baby hammock imitates the parent’s safe embrace and soft movements, shaping itself around the child’s body. The baby hammock, also known as 'Sling Cradle' or 'Spring Cradle', gives your baby a safe and comfortable feeling. It is perfect for restless babies who take relatively short naps. With the right accessories, you can place the cradle almost anywhere. As new parents, you barely have the time to get a much-need hair wash or to have a full-undisturbed meal. Our sling cradle can work as your helping hand to give you a well-deserved break.

The cradle bouncer is perfect for helping to avoid getting heavy arms from manually moving the baby hammock up and down.

Looking for the best combination of a baby hammock, cradle bouncer and accessories? Try our Baby hammock guide and get your personal recommendation.


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--The baby hammock imitates the parent’s safe embrace and soft movements, shaping
itself around the child’s body. Most babies love to fall asleep with a rocking motion. Our
baby hammock is the best substitute for when your arms feel too heavy and your baby
needs to settle down.

The baby hammock is soft and comfortable and is made of 100% organic cotton. It comes
with a 100% pure wool-filled mattress, a organic sheet and a metal spring.
The baby hammock comes with a carabiner gate so you can mount the sling cradle directly
onto the supplied spring. The carabiner hook is insulated with rubber to protect against
possible metal splinters.

We recommend hand washing your baby hammock at 30 °C. The mattress can be washed in the washing machine at max 30 °C.


--Read more about LeeLo cradle bouncer

--Most babies love the calming rhythm of being cradled, but when your arms begin to give
up, it is time to look for assistance. Our innovative cradle motor combines technology and
safety with an app management feature, sleep log and customised settings to create the
best possible sleep experience for your baby.

Our intelligent cradle motor generates a soothing cradling motion which is similar to what
the baby experienced in his or her mother’s womb – and the comforting rhythm helps your
baby to fall asleep. The design has been updated with new functions that can be remotely
managed via the app.

We recommend our Newborn spring if your baby weighs less than 6 kg and our regular
spring if your baby weighs more than 6 kg.



--Using the app management feature, you can start, stop and adjust the cradling motion
and time intervals so that your baby has an uninterrupted and safe sleeping experience.
You can easily and effortlessly reduce the speed from a distance when your baby has fallen
asleep, without risking waking your baby from the creaking noise of the wooden floor.
You will also find guidelines for LeeLo if you are unsure about how to set it up or have some
other issue. The app also has information about general tips and tricks for getting a baby to
fall asleep.

The app is compatible with:

Android - 6 and higher
iOS - 13.4 and higher

The Membantu app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Adapted and improved continuously.



--LeeLo cradle bouncer:

  • One cradle bouncer
  • One white power supply with a three-metre cord
  • One cotton bag
  • One snap hook

Baby hammock:

  • One baby hammock in 100% organic cotton
  • One flat cross stick in oak wood
  • One regular spring with safety strap and cotton bag
  • One tote bag in 100% organic cotton
  • One mattress with 100% pure wool and 100% organic cotton cover
  • One fitted sheet in organic cotton
  • One large carabiner with screw lock


--Product specifications

--LeeLo cradle bouncer:

  • Maximum load: 25 kg
  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Length: 12.2 cm
  • Width: 12.8 cm
  • Depth: 13.2 cm
  • EAN: 5707582024404

Baby hammock basic:

  • Can be used up to 15 kg
  • Bed size: 85 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • EAN: 5707582024619

--Timer function

--With the timer function, you can configure the cradle bouncer to cradle the baby for
either 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes or set it to non-stop. This allows you to choose the interval
that works best for your baby.

The time intervals are based on the typical sleep cycles babies have, which last around
30-45 minutes. If your baby jut needs to be cradled to sleep, you can choose the 15-minute
setting and then have your baby sleep without any motion. However, if your baby needs
to be cradled for the entire sleep cycle, you can select the 30 or 45-minute setting. If your
baby needs cradling to help reach the next sleep cycle, you can choose the 60-minute or
non-stop setting.


-- Using springs

--The LeeLo cradle bouncer can be used together with our regular spring when your baby
weighs between 3-15 kg.


--Safety issues and how to use it

--The bouncer is CE-labelled and thoroughly tested by an accredited testing centre. The cradle
bouncer’s suspension consists of a secure rope hanger and an internal metal core. The plastic
covering on the rope hanger protects against wear and tear. Always follow the instructions
in the manual when using the cradle bouncer. The cradle bouncer’s safety settings mean that
it will automatically stop if irregularities are detected.

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--Guide for getting off to a good start


✓ Introduce the baby hammock to your baby when he or she is well fed and tired.

✓ Hold a hand on your baby and perhaps sing a little song so that your baby knows you are there.

✓ Carefully move the baby hammock up and down with your hand.

✓ If your baby begins to feel unsafe or becomes upset, then remove your baby from the baby hammock, offer comfort and try again later or the next day. 

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