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Free courses with knowledge about sleep

Reviews of Membantu

"The cradle bouncer from Membantu is especially good because it comes with an app connected to the motor. This app offers various programs with different levels of how much the cradle should move, and you can also customize it and create your own program according to your needs."

"The Danish brand Membantu has a mission to offer the best possible sleep for the little ones, while also giving parents more energy and time in their daily lives. The difference is in the details. All in all, this cradle is an investment in your child's comfort."

"Made from quality materials by good people. You get 100% organic cotton and a temperature-regulating wool mattress. I think it is a good purchase."

Sleep Stories

Natamning og nattesøvn - mange opvågninger Helping: Feeding and Night Sleep - Many Awakenings

As a parent of a newborn baby, you will undoubtedly become familiar with interrupted night sleep. A newborn baby needs to be fed at relatively short intervals, even at night....

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Refluks og søvn Helping: Reflux and Sleep

Children who suffer from reflux or silent reflux often have greater difficulties with sleep. Reflux can cause discomfort and pain during sleep, which can make it harder for the child...

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Tigerspring - 64 uger Mental Leap 9 - 64 weeks

As parents, you enter an exciting period that offers deeper understanding and imitation of you. During this leap, your child will be even more dependent on you, which can be...

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