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MEMBANTU was started by Stephanie and Eva in 2018, who both experienced a great need for an extra set of hands in their children's first year of life.

"We make products that help with more sleep and energy in new families."

Present adults and rested babies

Because we know that present adults and well-rested babies get much more out of each other. That the babies grow and develop as they should, while the parents avoid situations where shopping carts are automatically rocked, while the potted plants are watered with milk and the remote control is found in the fridge or that dad drives the streets thin at night with the baby in the car seat. It's win-win for everyone.

Profit in everyday life

After we had babies ourselves – respectively, our hands full with twins and a little boy who demanded to be rocked all the time – we created the brand MEMBANTU, which, among other things, makes baby hammocks with a motor. Because we have tested on our own bodies how much more energy you get if you get your sleep and at the same time have energy for more of the everyday practical tasks.

Sleep with technology

We combine technology with great materials to help your baby calm down and get the sleep it needs, while you can take a break yourself. We were the first to introduce the cradle motor on the Danish market. We did this because we found that we often needed an extra set of hands to keep the baby hammock rocking. MEMBANTU's products are, and will in the future, be a help to families with children with smart tech solutions that utilize technology's many possibilities and free up time for more presence and profit. Even a little help can make a big difference.

Det vigtigste for os er at lave produkter, der er en hjælp i hverdagen for nybagte børnefamilier. Men vi brænder også for organisationer, der hjælper og støtter forældre, børn og kommende generationer på et større plan. Derfor støtter vi en række forskellige organisationer, som du kan læse meget mere om, herunder.

"We support organizations that help and support parents and children"

Environmentally friendly packaging

At Membantu, we want to take good care of the Earth for the benefit of both current and future generations. Our baby hammock is therefore made from 100% organic cotton, just as we support Eco-Friendly Packaging, so we take the best care of the earth we all have to share.