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Try the cradle motor for 30 days

Your satisfaction means everything to us – Try the cradle motor for 30 days and get your money back if you are not satisfied.

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Happy parents and their well-rested children mean a lot to us!

Gave me freedom to be with older sister of 2.5 years. Before the sling, there was a lot of saying "just a moment and I'll be there" and sometimes that moment could be 3 hours if little brother couldn't find peace. For the most part, 2 minutes pass and he sleeps.

Katrine Bækgaard

Works like a dream. My daughter was not able to sleep during the day anywhere, not in our arms, baby nest, her bed, or anything else. Just as soon as we got the motor from Meduntu, she fell asleep immediately. Life saver!

Kasper Langmann

Very satisfied - both with the engine and with customer service. We have a restless child who only wants to rest and sleep in constant motion. This results in a tired baby, a tired mother and tired arms. The engine gave him long, long needed naps for the first time


Oh life would be tight without a swing cradle with an extra motor! Our son takes three hour naps in a bouncy sling crib and loves it! We have used it every day from when he was 2 months to now 9 months.


Cozy Cradle baby hammock

The  baby hammock, Cozy cradle, by Mebantu is designed to envelop your baby and provide the sense of security that helps your baby fall asleep.

On the back of our baby hammock, there is a practical. small pocket in which you will find a Canopy – an airy piece of fabric that can be pulled out when you want to shield your child from various sensory impressions. The canopy also acts as a mosquito net.

Most babies love to sleep in a baby hammock, as it envelops the child and with the help of the spring, it recreates the rocking movements that remind them of the first time in their mother's womb. The rocking movements therefore have a calming effect on most babies' nervous systems. If you want to have both hands free when your child is going to sleep, you can buy our popular Membantu cradle motor , which fits perfectly with our Cozy Cradle baby hammock.

The baby hammock is made from 100% organic and neutral cotton. The mattress' filling consists of 100% pure wool, which has temperature-regulating properties.

Cozy Cradle Baby Hammock FAQ

When you buy a Cozy Cradle baby hammock at Membantu, you receive:

– Baby Hammock in 100% organic cotton.

– Snap hook fixed in the cradle.

– Light wood crossbar.

– Spring incl. safety strap and cotton bag.

– Carrying bag in 100% organic cotton.

– Mattress in 100% pure wool with organic cotton cover.

Yes, our baby hammock comes with a rubber insulation on its suspension. The spring bag is extra long so that it can be easily mounted so that it covers both the spring and the supplied carabiners.

You can mount your baby hammock in a ceiling hook, door clamp or a stand.

1. Mount the desired suspension.

2. Then you mount the spring in the suspension with a carabiner.

3. The baby hammock is mounted last at the other end of the spring by using the last carabiner.

4. The crossbar and the mattress are finally fitted.

5. The distance from the bottom of the cradle and the floor should be 10 cm when the spring is fully extended.

The baby hammock works well for newborns, as the feeling of the cradle and its movements are reminiscent of the time in the mother's womb. It gives the baby security and a feeling of being surrounded.

Make sure that the head is higher than the feet - and that there are free airways. Place any a folded towel under the mattress from the shoulder area down.

We also recommend that you get our special spring for newborns .

A baby hammock can be used until your child can sit, kneel or pull himself up. After this, it is no longer safe to use a baby hammock, as the child can climb out by himself. The baby hammock can be used up to 15 kg.

There are various recommendations in the area of ​​sling cradles and hanging cradles, but no research yet that speaks either for or against.

We therefore recommend following the Danish Health Authority's general guidelines for sleep.

Make sure that your baby does not get too hot in the swing cradle and that there are free airways.

The Cozy Cradle cradle costs DKK 1,399 in our webshop and from DKK 2,498 you can buy the baby hammock together with our popular Membantu Cradle Bouncer.

Cradling your baby is a method of helping the small child's nervous system to calm down, which even supports their further development. Therefore, there are many babies who, in their first lifetime, find it easier to fall asleep when they are rocked. The need to be rocked usually subsides within the first year.